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Evo Terra


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Hi. I’m Evo.

For the last decade or so I’ve made my living developing digital business strategies. In short, I solve problems. Along the way, I’ve found myself entangled in the publishing community. First it was co-hosting an author interview show that became a nationally syndicated radio program & podcast. Then it was launching a serialized free audio books service. Along the way I was asked to write a couple of books in the “for Dummies” series.

Now I’m focusing on indie authors and publishers, leveraging all I know about digital marketing, branding and doing business online to help them ultimately sell more books.

The rules have changed. What worked in publishing a few years ago won’t work today. Because marketplaces for authors exist that simply didn’t a few years ago. Publishers are struggling to keep up. Luckily, many of the tools to reach a wider audience are at their grasp. Success comes when authors and publishers figure out the right objectives and strategies first before choosing which tools to wield.

That’s where I can help.