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Patricia Waugh

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My first words were “Read it!” Soon I was reading to myself and I’ve never stopped. Some of my best friends are characters I’ve met only in books. When it comes to reading, I have no self-control. I’ve been known to stay up all night to finish a book even though I have to work the next day. I rush to the end, yet mourn when the story ends. Reading led me to writing. Journals, poetry, and now a picture book celebrating my mother’s childhood on a farm in rural Alabama surrounded by 11 brothers and sisters. My mother’s name is the title of the book: “Annie Pearl.” It is about a day that might have been when Annie Pearl was left in charge of her brothers and sisters. The book is finished and I’m anxious to see it in print. I decided on self-publishing so that I could choose the illustrator and control the look of the book. It is an homage to my mother who has left this world and I want to share it with her brothers and sisters who are getting on in years. There is no time to wait on the whims of publishers. It is taking much longer than I hoped to understand the self-publishing process and decide on a publishing company. Perhaps this site will help me to make a good decision more quickly.