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Llumina Press

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As a small self-publishing service, Llumina promotes itself as more of a boutique press that develops a closer relationship with its authors, as a publisher “created by writers for writers.” They also tout their selectiveness, stating that they will not print any book “unless it meets high editorial standards.” The company was founded by Deborah Greenspan in 2000, as a result of her own experience as a successful writer exploring the self-publishing path. For more about Llumina Press, go to

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1 review of Llumina Press

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    Value for Cost
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    I self-published my first science fiction novel, “OMA: One Man Army,” with Llumina Press at 16 years old. I was so pleased that I self-published with them again for my sequel, “OMA: Part 2.” I developed personal relationships with the staff at Llumina, because they’re all such great people.

    The publisher, Deborah Greenspan, is always happy to speak with any of her authors on the phone or by corresponding through email (for the shyer writers among us).

    They never make a claim that they’ll market for you, but they do offer a plethora of useful services for promoting your book. In addition to this, they syndicate an online magazine that keeps anyone (regardless if they published with Llumina Press or not) informed on the latest writing contests, as well as articles from fellow authors. E Writer Magazine even has a Writer’s Workshop.

    I learnt so much even from just Deborah Greenspan’s initial review, but especially from the editors of my first two books. Each criticism was a blow to my fragile ego. When I healed, however, I improved my craft each time.

    The cover design was exceptional for both books. You get a lot of bang for your buck from Llumina Press’s graphic artists. (I encourage you to look at my first two book covers to see what I mean).

    I have to doll out 5 stars in every category because I’m 23 years old now. It’s been seven years since I began working with Llumina Press. I still talk with Llumina’s staff members. I’m still happy with the product.

    I’d have a hard time replicating their results without working with Llumina, because they know the business of publishing. They understand ISBNs, copyrights, barcodes, distribution channels, etc. —- and yet they also understand writers because they are writers at heart.

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