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When the Term “Ebook” Is a Perjorative

I was on a comment thread on Google+ last week, in which the original poster, Brian Clark, had asked whether people preferred “ebook” or “e-book.” Of course, some people chimed in with “Ebook” and “eBook” and other variations, but the consensus seemed to be “ebook.” (I’ve drifted away from the hyphen as well, much as happened [...]

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Amazon Now Listing “Page Count” for Kindle Books

I just discovered, at least for my NO BROWN M&M’s! book of entrepreneurial lessons from rock stars, that Amazon is now listing an approximate printed page count for Kindle books. It makes me wonder if some people were feeling ripped off since the file size never gave the customer a good idea of how much content they were [...]

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If you haven’t heard, Google+ has “gone public” — meaning that you no longer need an invitation to get in. I had a brief chance to try it out during the testing phase, when author Jason Matthews (who’s written an excellent ebook on self-publishing ebooks) sent me an invitation. It is definitely worth getting familiar with. While it has [...]

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“By” the Way

One of the 53 self-publishing mistakes I discuss in my ebook is putting the word “By” in front of the author’s name on the cover. Most authors and self-publishers are surprised to learn this, until they go to the store (or peruse Amazon) and find out it’s true—you don’t see “By” in front an author’s [...]

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Create Your Future

I recently read Seth Godin’s blog post entitled “The forever recession (and coming revolution)” and pretty much agree with everything except the “coming” part. I think the revolution is upon us. It’s funny how we, at least in this country, have become conditioned to avoid pain at any cost — even when pain is normal. We [...]

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