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Balboa Press

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Balboa Press is the self-publishing extension of Hay House, the largest trade publisher specializing in spiritual, inspirational, and self-help books. (It is run in partnership with Author Solutions, Inc.) Balboa Press’s genres extend beyond that, but stay within the realm of “self-help and transformational” themes, according to the company’s website. The site also states that Balboa books are “monitored regularly” by Hay House to find “inspiring authors” to add to the Hay House roster. For more details, go to

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2 reviews of Balboa Press

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    Value for Cost
    Customer Support
    Publishing Process
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    Balboa Press is “administered” by Author House so these comments, by default, go to both companies.

    My first book was traditionally published. Unhappy with the royalty structure, I decided to self-publish the second. After a lot of research and recommendations from two acquaintances, I chose Balboa Press.

    The finished product is beautiful. My quibble with them starts at the very beginning: they have a “consultant” for each stage of production. While this may be efficient for them, it’s quite disconcerting to change relationships mid-stream. I already knew the production process and I found it irritating to be treated like a newbie with each change of consultant.

    My second quibble is with their accounting department. Every piece of paper I sent them had the royalties being paid to my company. They couldn’t seem to get this straight and it took two quarters to straighten that out. As I write this, a quarter’s royalties has been deposited into my account, yet the royalty statement says 0 sales for the quarter.

    On the plus side, when Hurricane Irene interrupted the printing process, they (Author House) busted their rear ends to see that I received an order of books for a previously-scheduled book signing.

    Will I use them for book #3? I haven’t yet made up my mind.

    Now, if they’d just quit calling & emailing me to upsell other products …

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    Balboa Press:

    Balbao Press markets their imprint as a division of Hay House Publishing, which is true. However, Balboa Press is less than transparent on their website regarding the fact that services provided to authors under the Balboa Press imprint is totally managed by Author Solutions, Inc. Honestly, who can blame Balboa Press?

    In order to find the relationship between Balboa Press and Author Solutions, Inc. one must first connect the dots and place Author Solutions, Inc. in the “search box” available on the Balboa Press website. Why would an author, who was not aware of this relationship, remotely contemplate placing Author Solutions, Inc. in the Balboa Press “search box.” That is the point and Balboa Press counts on it.

    During my six month nightmarish adventure, where I procured services from Balboa Press, the staff repeatedly denied they were connected to Author Solutions, Inc., after emails arrived in my inbox with logos from AuthorHouse and Author Solutions, Inc.

    Five months into insanity, which included incompetence and lack of oversight, a staff member confirmed my worst fears. From the first sales call, I stated that I wanted to avoid vanity publishers like AuthorHouse(component of Author Solutions, Inc., because of the egregious accusations on the Internet, only to end up with their horror show. Then, I was informed by an email, that a memo had gone out to staff to cease practice of denying that the Balboa Press imprint was managed by Author Solutions, Inc.

    It is no wonder that the book that was to benefit child advocacy and a children’s Special Needs foundation was now being published and associated with a company with known for its lack of integrity.

    A rather lenghty expose’ into this (6)month publishing debacle is offered – it is worth the read… it is the truth and it just gets better.

    What else could possibly go wrong?


    Class Action lawsuit against Author Solutions, Inc. et al:

    Balboa Press Survivors:

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