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Our Mission is like Yelp and TripAdvisor; there are no paid reviews here nor are any reviewed companies allowed to advertise on this site. All reviews and comments are generated by users, not by our staff, so you don’t have to worry about any “agenda” on our part. Our only agenda is to help you, and specifically to keep you from wasting money or time on your publishing path.

Our History was launched in 2012 by author and self-publishing expert Andrew Chapman. As a publishing consultant, professional speaker, author, and former president of a large publishing association, Andrew has met author after author who are confused by the self-publishing process — and, sadly, in too many situations, they have wasted money on services in pursuit of their dream. In the worst cases, authors have been flat-out ripped off by deceptive practices.

Andrew knew there had to be a better way. He knew that with thousands of authors taking the self-publishing route every year, all of them using some type of company or service in the process, other authors and aspiring authors could benefit from this collective knowledge. In leading and growing Publishers & Writers of San Diego for seven years, he prioritized the sharing of this information among members and supporters. But that was just one organization with a limited reach. He realized the only way to truly aggregate and share this valuable information would be through a review- and comment-based website.

As such, you can play a valuable role in supporting the growth and integrity of what many are now calling “indie publishing”:

  • Provide a rating and review of a self-publishing company or service you have used.
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Together, with your help and the help of indie authors everywhere, we can significantly reduce the peril and pitfalls that lay in the self-publishing path.


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